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Hireroom is a service which lets you test the skills of your next cloud engineer and developer earlier in the recruitment process, cutting down on time and quickly narrowing the candidate field down to the people who have shown they are capable of doing the job
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Discover how Hireroom will simplify your next cloud engineer recruitment
Hireroom is a cloud based candidate testing program which allows you to create the necessary tests to assess the skills of engineers and developers early on in the recruitment process. That cuts down time and quickly narrows the candidate field down to the people who have shown they are capable of doing the job.

As an online service, Hireroom is easy to use and connects you with candidates. Each prospective employee signs in and is given various tasks to do. During the session, you track their inputs and actions to quickly make a call on their skills and abilities. If you’re impressed, take the next steps. If not, keep looking.
Hireroom simplifies your recruitment in just 4 steps:
Draft your vacancy
Prepare your test, choosing from a of questions or set up your own
Review your applicants and rate according to their performance
Hire the right candidate for the job every time
Pricing and Plans
30 day satisfaction guarantee
Cancel or change your plan at any time, there is no long term commitment
Recruiting the right cloud engineer of developer shouldn’t be a lengthy and expensive process, with Hireroom you can save time and money and get going in no time! Check out our standard pricing or let us customise one for you:
List your first vacancy
Experiment Hireroom and see the benefits
List up to 3 vacancies per month
Automate your recruitment and say good bye to expensive and lengthy processes
Add our expertise to the process. We will review as many candidates for 1 role for this fee
$199 USD one-off and a $695 success fee once candidate is placed
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